I guess some form of introduction is in order to explain the why and what of this blog, if anything to satisfy why one would even bother in an attempt to grow something new in the often barren fields of the NZ left. In short this blog is somewhere to collate my own writings on a variety of topics, as well as provide a few resources hopefully useful to anyone interested. In the relatively near future are plans to start a podcast alongside this blog, while further out I may start an On This Day people’s history section. On the whole I will largely write around Marxism, utopianism, modern politics and working class history in relation to New Zealand.

In the somewhat longer form, left outlets in this country are now restricted to a handful of projects at the behest of scattered individuals and organisations. In cyberspace the most popular standard bearer of the ‘left’ is the reactionary mess at The Daily Blog (run by Martyn ‘China is trying to colonise NZ’ ‘Bomber’ Bradbury), while various blogs & websites of varying degrees of quality eke out an existence with a combined readership probably smaller than Bomber’s. In meatspace regular socialist publications have been reduced to two magazines (Socialist Review published by the ISO and the self-titled Fightback) and the new journal Counterfutures, while anarchists are further reduced to AARGH! magazine and the irregular journal Imminent Rebellion. While this blog isn’t a direct answer to that gap, I should hope that it can be part of attempts to fill it.