The fourth episode is our first on theory, in which we discuss Lionel Terry’s proto-fascist manifesto/poem The Shadow. Our chat covers Terry’s views on labour, capitalism, race, the British Empire, indigenous peoples, as well as the history of immigration in New Zealand. No Pacific Roundup this episode, I haven’t had the time and the next is being released early next month.

Tracks featured are Enough Is Enough and Give The Anarchist A Cigarette by Chumbawamba, both from their 1994 album Anarchy.

Postscript notes:

It should go without saying, but a content warning that this episode extensively covers the themes of anti-Semitism and Sinophobia. For those wanting to put themselves through it, The Shadow is in fact online in pdf form. Lastly the articles from Bomber “racist moron” Bradbury are here and here respectively.