Part of the gang happened to be up in Wellington for the National Front counter-demo, and we sat down with Ani from Fightback to chat about recent events for the Wellington left. We discussed recent events like the NF demo earlier that day, the Peace Action Wellington weapon’s conference blockade, and the recent electoral efforts by + future of the Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign (MARRC). On top of that, we went wildly off topic and had a decent chat about the decline of the social credit movement in New Zealand.

This weeks track is Road by Niky Nine, from the NewRetroWave Records’ Crypt EP. Like most good synthwave, it’s free on Bandcamp.

Postscript notes:

The only note this time round is an apology for the background noise in this episode, we recorded in a cafe and I’m neither talented enough nor have the right software to it out. The second half with Ani begins at around 21:30.