As those who follow my blog through Facebook or Twitter would know, my thesis work has involved a considerable amount of digitizing (admittedly roughly) mountains of Kiwi leftist publications from the 1990s-2010s. I’ve slowly built up something of an archive which is being uploaded to in fits & starts, something which I intend to continue well into next year. To that, I’d just like to take a moment to ‘formally’ present the archive as something of a Christmas gift to the Kiwi left. On top of the material being directly uploaded to, I will take the chance to showcase particular publications on this blog. I’ll also be putting up articles or essays that catch my eye, as I have done for a while now. In the long term my hope is to raise money to set up a website for the archive which hosts any Kiwi leftist publications available in digital format. In the interim, the stuff I upload to can be found here.

While I’m at it, I’ll give a short update on Freezing in Godzone (the podcast tied to this blog). We’ll be moving from the current host to, possibly set up a blog for it, given that the host we currently use doesn’t attract much of an audience and ties our hands in some respects. The upshot to that for our small group of listeners is it frees up our schedule to publish whenever we want, rather than having one spot a month. While we’ll keep up on one episode a month as a baseline, that means there might start being the odd episode-per-fortnight or supplemental pieces. Basically, we can hopefully increase our output.

With that said, for the next couple months the episodes will be fairly minimal as one part of the gang is leaving the city and most of my time is dedicated to the thesis right now. So there might not be much material from me for the next couple months. All y’all need to know is that the blog ain’t dead, just I am. It’ll be a bit more active from about March onward. Update done, hope everyone finds something of interest in the archive!