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Musing about utopia on a stop towards the end of the Earth.

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“Writing about New Zealand history, politics, culture. Grasping at philosophy, utopianism, socialist theory. Clearing house for projects I’ve got my hands in, stuff I’ve published elsewhere, reprinting stuff I find interesting.” That’s according to the Facebook page anyway, it’s about right.

“I am a worker and the son of a worker. I am not ashamed of my class. It is the class that built the world’s roads, ships and factories, its houses, libraries and schools. It has made everything that is good in the world, it has fed and clothed the world, while all the robber class has done is hold up the job so it can collar the profits.”
– Jim Edwards, interviews (1950)

I’m contactable via Twitter (@ComradeBloc), Facebook (@ComradeBloc), email (, or the form below.

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