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Musing about utopia on a stop towards the end of the Earth.

Other Writing, Other Projects

This blog is a clearing house for writing and some things that come up during my research, this page is a clearing house for my other projects as well as things I’ve written or done elsewhere. That’s about it.

Other Projects

Radical Aotearoa Digital Archive (RADAR) is an archiving project I coordinate to digitally preserve and make available old publications and periodicals produced by ‘the radical left’ in New Zealand over the years. It is available here and there is a Facebook page for it here.

Haunting the Studio is a horror & metal themed, late night show on Radio One 91FM that I host under the nom de plume Dr Rot along with my co-host Professor Flesh. All episodes are uploaded in podcast format by Radio One themselves and can be found here, there is an official show playlist here, and a Facebook page here.

Articles, Interviews, Etc

One Nation Are Growing Despite Weak WA Results, Critic Te Arohi, March 2017

Struggle, What Struggle?, Critic Te Arohi, March 2017

Struggle? In 2017?, Critic Te Arohi, April 2017

Race & Reaction in New Zealand 1880-1950, Fightback, May 2018

Proctor Protest Was the Biggest Otago Student Protest Since the ‘90s, Critic Te Arohi, October 2018

Christchurch terror: How did this happen?, Fightback, March 2019

On Christchurch: The Roots of a Massacre, History Workshop, March 2019

Red-Brown Zombies pt3 (interview), Where’s My Jetpack?! podcast, November 2019

Zodiac Records: South D’s Best Kept SecretCritic Te Arohi, August 2020

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