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Freezing in Godzone

Freezing in Godzone is the name of a podcast that I and some friends down here have set up to add to the swampy ecology of Kiwi leftist media. In the words of the channel “An irregular gathering of comrades from New Zealand to talk shit about theory, history, news and politics in the Asia/Pacific region from a socialist perspective.”

In a little more detail, the intention of this podcast is to get EnZed leftists together for the kind of ’round the table, fireside, over drinks discussions where people flesh out their ideas best. The focus on Asia/Pacific is to fill a gap in leftist discourse here that often focuses only on domestic and international issues, missing out what’s happening in the local region despite those events having a more direct impact on New Zealand. To that end, each episode starts with a Pacific news roundup. I re-post every episode to this blog with a short write-up, all of which can be found here.

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