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Musing about utopia on a stop towards the end of the Earth.

Suggested Reading

This reading list is to address the serious, and perhaps growing, gaps in the political knowledge of New Zealand on the part of the local left. Too often left analysis in this country, be it of the reformists or revolutionaries, betrays a distinct lack of historical awareness. This is neither sectarian accusation, defeatism, nor snide elitism. We are presently in a period of advanced left decay; few in number and institutionally weak. It is only understandable that considerable ideological disorientation has set in as a result. But we must be clear in our purpose, our goal, and our prospects. Though capitalism is in a state of prolonged economic crisis, that does not make the goal of overcoming it any less a monumental task. We need a solid grasp of international politics, history and economics. Equally so we need to understand those trends within New Zealand itself, and how they interact with global capitalism. I do not claim to have a solution ready to go, but I should hope that I may help (even in some small fashion) to lay the foundations for one.

Because a reading list of over two hundred titles is, in all fairness, an intimidating ask of even the fastest of readers and most dedicated researchers, this list has been broken down into individual sections. The underlined titles are highly recommended, determined from my own readings, favourable reviews and simply chatting to older socialists. Furthermore, notes have been added to several sections to further help direct readings.

Anti-Nuclear Movement

Standing Upright Here: New Zealand in the Nuclear Age, 1945-1990
(Malcolm Templeton, 2006, Victoria University Press)

Back from the Brink: The Creation of a Nuclear-Free New Zealand
(Kevin Clements, 1988, Bridget Williams Books)

Peace, Power and Politics
(Maire Leadbetter, 2013, Otago University Press)

Mururoa 1973
(documentary, 1973)

A Nuclear Free Pacific
(documentary, 1988)

When a Warrior Dies
(documentary, 1991)

Nuclear Reaction
(documentary, 1995)

Hotu Painu
(documentary, 1988)

This section will likely become a subset of a wider environmental section when I get around to collating one.

Anti-Apartheid Movement

1981: The Tour
(Geoff Chapple, 1984, AH & AW Reed)

Dancing on Our Bones: New Zealand, South Africa, Rugby and Racism
(Trevor Lawson Richards, 1999, Bridget Williams Books)

Apartheid is Not a Game: The Inside Story of New Zealand’s Struggle Against Apartheid Sport
(Thomas Oliver Newnham, 1975, Graphic Publications)

By Batons and Barbed Wire
(Tom Newnham, 1981, Real Pictures Ltd)

When the Tour Came to Auckland
(Geoff Chapple, 2014, Bridget Williams Books)

(documentary, 1983)

This section will likely later be folded into a wider section on race.


Stick Out, Keep Left
(Elsie Locke & Jacquie Matthews, 1997, Auckland University Press)

Break Down These Bars Jim Edwards
(David Ballantyne, 1987)

Dear Neil Roberts
(Airini Beautrais, 2014, Victoria University Press)

Never a White Flag: The Memoirs of Jock Barnes
(Jock Barnes, 1998, Victoria University Press)

New Zealand Communists: Tame Iti, Rewi Alley, Miriam Soljak, Ken Douglas, Bill Andersen
(2010, LLC Books)

Petals and Bullets: Dorothy Morris – New Zealand Nurse in the Spanish Civil War
(Mark Derby, 2015, Sussex Academic Press)

She Dared to Speak: Connie Birchfield’s story
(Maureen Birchfield, 1998, University of Otago Press)

John A. Lee
(Erik Olssen, 1977, University of Otago Press)

We Will Not Cease
(Archibald Baxter, 1939, republished by various publishers)

Mihaia: The Prophet Rua Kenana and His Community at Maungapohatu
(Judith Binney, 1996, Auckland University Press)

Tom Barker and the IWW
(E. C. Fry, 1999, Industrial Workers of the World)

Along for the Ride: A Political Memoir
(Tony Simpson, 2017, Blythswood Press)

The Scrim-Lee Papers: C. G. Scrimgeour and John A. Lee Remember the Crisis Years 1930-40
(Tony Simpson, 1976, A. H. & A. W. Reed)

Dick Scott: A Radical Writer’s Life
(Dick Scott, 2004, Reed Books)

Syd Jackson: Life and Times of a Fully Fledged Activist
(documentary, 2003)

Tame Iti – The Man Behind the Moko
(documentary, 2005)

Children of the Revolution
(documentary, 2007)

Arts & Culture

A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950
(Rachel Barrowman, 1991, Victoria University Press)

Never a Soul at Home: New Zealand Literary Nationalism and the 1930’s
(Stuart Murray, 1998, Victoria University Press)

Some Justice: Political Poems and Lyrics
(Ken Vicious, 2011, Rebel Press)

Best Mates: Gay Writing in Aotearoa/New Zealand
(Peter Welles & Rex Pilgrim, 1997, Reed Books)

Re-Inventing New Zealand: Essays on the Arts and the Media
(Roger Horrocks, 2016, Atuanui Press)

Writing on the Wall
(documentary, 1981)

Start Again
(documentary, 1972)

The Dominant Species
(film, 1985)

Sleeping Dogs
(film, 1977)

The Maintenance of Silence
(film, 1985)

Environment 1990
(film, 1972)

Hip Hop New Zealand
(documentary, 2003)

At a later point (when I have the time) I’ll likely expand this section with some of fairly sizable amount of speculative fiction written in or about New Zealand.

Economics & Political Economy

Chiefs of Industry: Maori Tribal Enterprise in Early Colonial New Zealand
(Hazel Petrie, 2013, Auckland University Press)

Prosperity for All?: Economic, Social and Political Change in New Zealand Since 1935
(Brian Roper, 2005, Thomson Dunmore Press)

Colony or Nation?
(WB Sutch, 1966, Sydney University Press)

Home Truths: Confronting New Zealand’s Housing Crisis
(Philippa Howden-Chapman, 2015, Bridget Williams Books)

Wealth and New Zealand
(Max Rashbrooke, 2015, Bridget Williams Books)

Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis
(Max Rashbrooke, 2013, Bridget Williams Books)

Generation Rent: Rethinking New Zealand’s Priorities
(Shamubeel Eaqub and Selena Eaqub, 2015, Bridget Williams Books)

The Quest for Security
(WB Sutch, 1942, Penguin)

The Broken Decade: Prosperity, Depression and Recovery in New Zealand, 1928-39
(Malcolm McKinnon, 2016, Otago University Press)

Sovereignty under Siege?: Globalization and New Zealand
(Chris Rudd, 2017, Routledge)

The Political Economy of New Zealand
(Chris Rudd & Brian Roper, 1997, Oxford University Press)

The Slump – The 1930s Depression: Its Origins and Aftermath
(Tony Simpson, 1990, Penguin Books)

The New Zealand Experiment
(Jane Kelsey, 1995, Auckland University Press)

The FIRE Economy
(Jane Kelsey, 2015, Bridget Williams Books)

The State & Its Functions in NZ
(William Pember Reeves, 1896, Fabian Society)

State Experiments in Australia & NZ
(William Pember Reeves, 1902)

The Commercialisation of New Zealand
(Brian Easton, 2013, Auckland University Press)

Who Owns New Zealand?
(WB Sutch, 1973, New Zealand University Press)

Takeover New Zealand
(WB Sutch, 1972, A. H. & A. W. Reed)

The Responsible Society in New Zealand
(WB Sutch, 1971, Whitcombe and Tombs)

Poverty and Progress in NZ
(WB Sutch, 1941, Modern Books)

The Fletcher Challenge
(Bruce Jesson, 1980, self-published)

Behind the Mirror Glass
(Bruce Jesson, 1987, Penguin)

Only Their Purpose is Mad
(Bruce Jesson, 1999, Dunmore Press)

At The Crossroads: Three Essays
(Jane Kelsey, 2002, Bridget Williams Books)

Rolling Back the State
(Jane Kelsey, 1993, Bridget Williams Books)

Reclaiming the Future
(Jane Kelsey, 1999, Bridget Williams Books)

Serving Whose Interests?
(Jane Kesley, 2008, Taylor & Francis)

Someone Else’s Country
(documentary, 1996)

In a Land of Plenty
(documentary, 2002)

Sale of a Nation
(documentary, 1991)

Further titles related to the economy can be found in the sections on Education, Feminism, Labour History, the Labour Party, Immigration and Racism, Maori History, Media, Reactionary Politics, Police, Sex Work, and Socialist Thought.


Liberating Maori from Educational Subjugation
(Ranginui Walker, 1991)

Students and the Education Factory
(Grant Brookes, 1997, International Socialist Organisation)

The New Zealand Student Christian Movement, 1896-1996: A Centennial History (Christine Berry, 1996, SCM Aotearoa)

Players Protesters and Politicians: A History of the University of Canterbury Students’ Association
(Jean Scharfe, 1995, Clerestory Press)

Twelve Thousand Hours: Education and Poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand
(Vicki Carpenter and Sue Osborne, 2014, Dunmore Publishing)

A Civilised Society
(documentary, 2006)

Feminism & Women’s Liberation

Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand
(Alison McCulloch, 2013, Victoria University Press)

Up From Under: Women and Liberation in NZ 1970-1985
(Christine Dann, 1985, Allen & Unwin)

Abortion Then and Now: New Zealand Abortion Stories from 1940 to 1980
(Margaret Sparrow, 2010, Victoria University Press)

Women’s Suffrage in NZ
(Patricia Grimshaw, 1972, Auckland University Press)

Fifty Years of Struggle: the Story of Equal Pay
(Melanie Nolan, 1997, Trade Union History Project)

Broadsheet: Twenty Years of Broadsheet Magazine
(Pat Rosier, 1992, New Woman’s Press)

Women Together: A History of Women’s Organisations in New Zealand
(Anne Else, 1993, Department of Internal Affairs)

A Woman’s Place?
(Judith Aitken, 1975, Heinemann Educational Books)

Women in History: Essays on European Women in NZ
(Barbara Brookes, Charlotte Macdonald and Margaret Tennant; 1986; Allen & Unwin)

Feminist Thought in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Differences and Connections
(Rosemary Du Plessis & Lynne Alice, 1998, Oxford University Press Australia & New Zealand)

Women With A Cause
(WB Sutch, 1974, New Zealand University Press)

The National Council of Women: A Centennial History
(Dorothy Page, 1996, Bridget Williams Books)

The Vote, the Pill and the Demon Drink: A History of Feminist Writing in New Zealand, 1869–1993
(Charlotte Macdonald, 1993, Bridget Williams Books)

Women and Economics: A New Zealand Feminist Perspective
(Prue Hyman, 1996, Bridget Williams Books)

Hopes Dashed? The Economics of Gender Inequality
(Prue Hyman, 2017, Bridget Williams Books)

Further titles can be found in the sections on Biographies, Labour History, Immigration and Racism, LGBTI+ Struggle, Maori History, Reactionary Politics, Police, Sex Work, and Socialist Thought.

General Labour History

Trade Unions in NZ: Past & Present
(Bert Roth, 1973, AH & AW Reed)

The Red Feds: Revolutionary Industrial Unionism and the New Zealand Federation of Labour 1908–14
(Erik Olssen, 1988, Oxford University Press)

Revolution: The 1913 Great Strike in New Zealand
(Melanie Nolan, 2006, Canterbury University Press)

Toil & Trouble: The Struggle for a Better Life in New Zealand
(Bert Roth, 1981, Methuen New Zealand)

New Zealand labour’s pioneering days: the history of the labour movement in N.Z. from 1840 to 1894
(J. D. Salmond, 1950, Forward Press)

“Rats and Revolutionaries”: The Labour Movement in Australia and New Zealand 1990-1940
(James Bennett, 2004, Otago University Press)

Unions in Common Cause: The New Zealand Federation of Labour 1937-88
(Peter Franks & Melanie Nolan, 2011, Steele Roberts)

Knights Down Under: The Knights of Labour in New Zealand
(Robert E. Weir, 2009, Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

Print and Politics: A History of Trade Unions in the New Zealand Printing Industry, 1865-1995
(Peter Franks, 2001, Victoria University Press)

Compulsory Arbitration in New Zealand: The First Forty Years
(James Holt, 2013, Auckland University Press)

Workers in the Margins: Union Radicals in Post-war New Zealand
(Cybèle Locke, 2012, Bridget Williams Books)

The Lion and the Wolfhound: The Irish Rebellion on the New Zealand Goldfields
(David McGill, 1990, Grantham House)

The Lucifer: a story of industrial conflict in New Zealand in the 1930s
(Dave Welch, 1988, Dunmore Press)

Born of Hunger, Pain and Strife: 150 years of struggle against unemployment in New Zealand
(Karen Davis, 1991, Peoples Press)

Blood on the Coal: The Origins and Future of New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Scheme
(Hazel Armstrong, 2008, Trade Union History Project)

Strike: Trouble at T’ Mill
(Barbara Fill, 1989, GP Books)

The Forgotten Worker: the rural wage earner in nineteenth century New Zealand
(John Martin, 1990, Allen and Unwin)

Advocate, educate, control: the history of the New Zealand Engineers’ Union, 1863-1983
(Bert Roth; 1984; Engineering, Coachbuilding, Aircraft, Motor and Related Trades Industrial Union of Workers)

A small but vital union: a history of engine-driver unionism in New Zealand
(Bert Roth; 1988; Engine Drivers, Firemen, Greasers and Assistants Union)

Along the Line: 100 Years of Post Office Unionism
(Bert Roth, 1990, NZ Post Office Union)

Days of action: May Day, eight-hour day, Labour Day
(Bert Roth, 1990, Trade Union History Project)

A century of struggle: the Auckland Trades Council, 1876-1976
(Bert Roth, 1977, Auckland Trades Council)

Pioneering New Zealand Labour History: Essays in Honour of Bert Roth
(Pat Walsh, 1994, Dunmore Press)

Industrial Unionism
(Peter Steiner & Frank Hanlon, 2007, Rebel Press)


100 years fighting back: the story of the Auckland Carpenters’ Union, 1873-1973
(Bert Roth, 1973, NZ Carpenters’ Union)

Rediscovering the 1949 Carpenters’ Strike
(Roy Stanley, 2013, International Socialist Organisation)

Public Services Unionism

The State and the Union, An Oral History of the PSA 1984-2012
(Mary Ellen O’Connor, 2013, Steele Roberts)

Remedy for present evils: a history of the New Zealand Public Service Association from 1890
(Bert Roth and Anna Rogers, 1987, NZPSA)


Coal, Class & Community: The United Mineworkers of New Zealand, 1880–1960
(Len Richardson, 2013, Auckland University Press)

Disaster at Brunner: the coalmine tragedy at Brunnerton
(Brian Wood, 1996, self-published)

The Significance of the 1912 Waihi Strike
(Martin Gregory, 2012, International Socialist Organisation)

Then Again – Strongman Mine
(documentary, 1986)

The Women of Pike River
(documentary, 2015)

Wharfies and Sailors

151 Days
(Dick Scott, 1952/1977, Labour Reprint Society)

Damned Mutineers: The New Zealand Naval Mutiny of 1947
(Kevin Baker, 1997, Mirovic Pty Limited)

The Big Blue: snapshots of the 1951 waterfront lockout
(David Grant, 2004, Canterbury University Press)

Wharfie “from hand barrows to straddles”: unionism on the Auckland waterfront
(Bert Roth, 1993, Waterfront Workers Union)

British Capital, Antipodean Labour: Working the New Zealand Waterfront, 1915-1951
(Anna Green, 2001, University of Otago Press)

Jagged Seas: The New Zealand Seamen’s Union 1879–2003
(David Grant, 2012, Canterbury University Press)

Mutiny!: Naval Insurrections in Australia and New Zealand
(Tom Frame & Kevin Baker, 2001, Allen & Unwin)

(documentary, 2001)

Further texts can be found in the sections on Biographies, Economics, Education, Feminism, Immigration and Racism, the Labour Party, Maori History, Reactionary Politics, Sex Work, and Socialist Thought.

Immigration, Racism, and Community Action

Pacific migrant labour, class, and racism in New Zealand: fresh off the boat
(Terrence Loomis, 1990, Avebury)

Polynesian Panthers: The Crucible Years 1971-1974
(Melani Anae, 2006, Reed Publishing)

Old Asian, New Asian
(K. Emma Ng, 2017, Bridget Williams Books)

A Small Price to Pay: Refugees from Hitler in New Zealand 1936–46
(Ann Beaglehole, 2015, Bridget Williams Books)

Silent Discontent: Experiences of Everyday Racism in New Zealand
(Indra Prasad, 2000, Victoria University Press)

Racism and Ethnicity
(Paul Spoonley, 1988, Oxford University Press)

Nga Patai: Racism and Ethnic Relations in Aotearoa/New Zealand
(Paul Spoonley, David G. Pearson and Cluny MacPherson; 1996; Dunmore Press)

Tauiwi: racism and ethnicity in New Zealand
(Paul Spoonley, 1984, Dunmore Press)

The Quiet War on Asylum
(Tracey Barnett, 2014, Bridget Williams Books)

Dawn Raids
(documentary, 2005)

New Faces Old Fears
(documentary, 2004)

Chinks, Coconuts, and Curry-Munchers
(documentary, 2002)

This section and the one on reactionary politics may be folded together at a later point. Further texts are in the sections on Maori History, Police, and Reactionary Politics.

Labour Party – History & Critique

The New Zealand Labour Party, 1916-2016
(Peter Franks and Jim McAloon, 2017, Victoria University Press)

The Rise of New Zealand Labour: A History of the New Zealand Labour Party from 1916 to 1940
(Bruce Brown, 1962, Price Milburn)

Labour’s Path to Political Independence: Origins and Establishment of the New Zealand Labour Party, 1900-19
(Barry Gustafson, 2013, Auckland University Press)

Neoliberal Labour Governments and the Union Response: The Politics of the End of Labourism
(J. Schulman, 2015, Springer)

The Truth About Labour: A bosses’ party
(Daphna Whitmore and Philip Ferguson, 2006, Revolutionary Workers League)

Fragments of Labour
(Bruce Jesson, 1989, Penguin)

New Zealand’s Labor government at work
(WB Sutch, 1940, League for Industrial Democracy)

One chapter in particular in Neoliberal Labour Governments specifically deals with New Zealand.

LGBTI+ Life & Struggle in NZ

Queer in Aotearoa New Zealand
(Lynne Alice & Lynne Star, 2004, Dunmore Publishing)

Worlds in Collision: The Gay Debate in New Zealand, 1960-1986
(Laurie Guy, 2002, Victoria University Press)

Twenty Years on: Histories of Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand
(Alison J. Laurie and Linda Evans, 2009, Lesbian & Gay Archives of New Zealand)

Outlines: Lesbian and gay histories in Aotearoa
(Linda Evans, 2005, Lesbian & Gay Archives of New Zealand)

Sexuality Down Under: Social and historical perspectives
(Allison Kirkman and Pat Moloney, 2005, University of Otago Press)

(documentary, 2012)

Mani’s Story
(documentary, 2002)

Georgie Girl
(documentary, 2001)

Two chapters in Sexuality Down Under focus on New Zealand. This section will likely be the first I expand when I next get around to updating this list. Further reading can found in the sections on Arts & Culture, Feminism, Reactionary Politics, Police, and Socialist Thought.

Maori History & Political Struggle

The Political Development of the Maori People in New Zealand
(Ranginui Walker, 1984)

History of Maori Activism
(Ranginui Walker, 1983)

Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou Struggle Without End
(Ranginui Walker, 1990, Penguin)

Hikoi: Forty Years of Maori Protest
(Aroha Harris, 2004, Huia Publishers)

The State of Maori Rights
(Margaret Mutu, 2011, Huia Publishers)

Maori Sovereignty
(Donna Awatere, 1984)

Wars Without End: The Land Wars in Nineteenth Century New Zealand
(Danny Keenan, 2009, Penguin Books)

The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict
(James Belich, 1986, Auckland University Press)

I Shall Not Die: Titokowaru’s War, 1868-1869
(James Belich, 2010, Bridget Williams Books)

Te Riri Pakeha: The White Man’s Anger
(Tony Simpson, 1986, Hodder and Stoughton)

Encircled Lands: Te Urewera, 1820-1921
(Judith Binney, 2009, Bridget Williams Books)

Perceptions and Attitudes of the New Generation of Maoris to Pakeha Domination (Ranginui Walker, 1981)

The Treaty of Waitangi
(Ranginui Walker, 1983)

The Meaning of Biculturalism
(Ranginui Walker, 1986, self-published)

Nga Tau Tohetohe: Years of Anger
(Ranginui Walker, 2009)

A Question of Honour?
(Jane Kelsey, 1990, Allen & Unwin)

Parihaka Invaded
(Dick Scott, 2014, Bridget Williams Books)

Bastion Point: Day 507
(documentary, 1980)

Te Matakite o Aotearoa – The Māori Land March
(documentary, 1975)

Land of a Thousand Lovers
(documentary, 1977)

Bastion Point – The Untold Story
(documentary, 1999)

The New Zealand Wars
(documentary mini-series, 1998)

Tatarakihi The Children of Parihaka
(documentary, 2012)

Further readings can be found in the sections on the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Biographies, Economics, Education, Labour History, Immigration and Racism, the Labour Party, Media, Reactionary Politics, Police, Socialist Thought, and Suppression of Dissent.

Media, PR, Propaganda

Between the Lines: Racism and the New Zealand Media
(Paul Spoonley & Walter Hirsh, 1990, Heinemann Reed)

The Fourth Eye: Maori Media in Aotearoa New Zealand
(Brendan Hokowhitu and Vijay Devadas, 2013, University of Minnesota Press)

Politics and the Media
(Chris Rudd, Geoff Kemp, Babak Bahador, Kate McMillan; 2016; Auckland University Press)

Don’t Dream It’s Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand
(Emma Johnson, Sarah Illingworth, Giovanni Tiso, Barnaby W. Bennett; 2016; Freerange Press)

Secrets & Lies
(Nicky Hager and Bob Burton, 1999, Common Courage Press)

Seeds of Distrust
(Nicky Hager, 2002, Craig Potton Publishing)

Dirty Politics
(Nicky Hager, 2014, Potton & Burton Limited)

The Hollow Men
(Nicky Hager, 2006, Potton & Burton Limited / documentary, 2008)

Reactionary Politics

Politics of Nostalgia: racism & the extreme right in NZ
(Paul Spoonley, 1987, Dunmore Press)

Everyone Wants to be Fuehrer: national socialism in Australia and New Zealand
(David Harcourt, 1972, Angus and Robertson)

Social Credit Inside & Out
(Michael Sheppard, 1981)

Revival of the Right: New Zealand Politics In The 1980s
(Bruce Jesson, Paul Spoonley and Allanah Ryan; 1988; Heinemann Reed)

Chapter 2 of Social Credit Inside & Out deals with Sheppard’s experience of antisemitism within the party. Further readings on this are in the sections on Immigration and Racism, Police, and Socialist Thought.

Police and the Carceral State

Patched: The History of Gangs in NZ
(Jarrod Gilbert, 2013, Auckland University Press)

Prison Abolition
(No Pride In Prisons, 2016)

Torture in NZ Prisons: A Briefing
(No Pride In Prisons, 2017)

A Punitive Society: Falling Crime and Rising Imprisonment in New Zealand
(John Pratt, 2013, Bridget Williams Books)

Unlocking Prisons: How We Can Improve New Zealand’s Prison System
(JustSpeak, 2014)

Criminal Injustice: Maori, Racism and Mass Incarceration
(Derwin Smith, 2014, International Socialist Organisation)

The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove: The Modernisation of Policing in New Zealand, 1886-1917
(Richard S. Hall, 1995, Dunmore Press)

Punishment & Politics: The Maximum Security Prison in New Zealand
(Greg Newbold, 1989, Oxford University Press)

This section, as would be expected, has considerable overlap with the section on Suppression of Dissent. There is also several titles in Biographies of interest.

Sex Work

Taking the Crime Out of Sex Work: New Zealand Sex Workers’ Fight for Decriminalisation
(Gillian Abel, Lisa Fitzgerald, Catherine Healy, Aline Taylor; 2010; Policy Press)

The Sex Industry in New Zealand: A Literature Review
(Jan Jordan, 2005, Ministry of Justice)

Working Girls
(Jan Jordan, 1991, Penguin)

A Double Standard
(documentary, 1994)

Socialist Thought & History

Sewing Freedom: Philip Josephs, Transnationalism & Early New Zealand Anarchism
(Jared Davidson, 2013, AK Press)

Rabble Rousers & Merry Pranksters: A History of Anarchism in Aotearoa/NZ from the Mid-1950s to the Early 1980s
(Toby Boraman, 2007, Katipo Books)

A History of Socialist Thought Vol. III Part II: The Second International 1889-1914
(G.D.H. Cole, 1956, MacMillan & Co. Ltd)

A History of Socialist Thought  Vol. IV Part II: Communism & Social Democracy 1914-1931
(G.D.H. Cole, 1958, MacMillan & Co. Ltd)

On the Left: Essays on Socialism in New Zealand
(Pat Maloney & Kerry Taylor, 2002, Otago University Press)

Remains to be Seen: Tracing Joe Hill’s ashes in New Zealand
(Jared Davidson, 2011, Rebel Press)

The Fire Last Time: The Rise of Class Struggle and Progressive Social Movements in Aotearoa, 1968-1977
(Brian Roper, 2012, International Socialist Organisation)

The “Socialism” of New Zealand
(Robert Hare Hutchinson, 1916, New Review Pub. Association)

Kiwi Companeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War
(Mark Derby, 2009, Canterbury University Press)

Traitors to Class & Country
(Bruce Jesson, 1965, Workers Action Movement)

To Build A Nation: Collected Writings ’75-’99
(Bruce Jesson, 2005, Penguin)

This section was very difficult to draw together given its significant overlap with other subjects. Considerably more work is in the sections on Biographies, Arts & Culture, Economics, Feminism, Labour History, Immigration and Racism, Maori History, and Suppression of Dissent.

Terrorism, Militarism, Surveillance, and Suppression of Dissent

Other People’s Wars
(Nicky Hager, 2011, Craig Potton Publishing)

Secret Power
(Nicky Hager, 1996, Craig Potton Publishing)

Hit & Run: The New Zealand SAS in Afghanistan and the Meaning of Honour
(Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson, 2017, Potton & Burton Limited)

Can’t Hear Me Scream
(Valerie Morse, 2008, Rebel Press)

Against Freedom: The war on terrorism in everyday NZ life
(Valerie Morse, 2007, Rebel Press)

Fighting War: Anarchists, Wobblies & the New Zealand State 1905–1925
(Jared Davidson, 2016, Rebel Press)

Field Punishment No. 1: Archibald Baxter, Mark Briggs & New Zealand’s Anti-Militarist Tradition
(David Grant and Bob Kerr, 2008, Steele Roberts)

The Day the Raids Came: Stories of survival and resistance to the state terror raids (Valerie Morse, 2010, Rebel Press)

New Zealand’s role in the occupation of Afghanistan
(John Edmundson, 2010, Workers Party of New Zealand)

We Said No To War!
(Walter Lawry, 1994, Wordspinners Unlimited)

Terror in Our Midst?: Searching for Terrorism in Aotearoa New Zealand
(Danny Keenan, 2008, Huia Publishers)

The Post-Snowden Era: Mass Surveillance and Privacy in New Zealand
(Kathleen Kuehn, 2016, Bridget Williams Books)

Complacent Nation
(Gavin Ellis, 2016, Bridget Williams Books)

Operation 8: Deep in the Forest
(documentary, 2011)

The Price of Peace
(documentary, 2015)

The 5th Eye
(documentary, 2015)

I Spy (with my Five Eyes)
(documentary, 2016)

Sedition – The Suppression of Dissent in World War II New Zealand
(documentary, 2005)

This section overlaps to a great degree with the sections on the Anti-Nuclear Movement, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Biographies, Arts & Culture, Labour History, Immigration and Racism, Maori History, Police, and Socialist Thought.

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